Katama Bay

Katama Bay

Katama Bay, Martha's Vineyard   MapOyster bars nearby

Prized oysters from Martha’s Vineyard’s best spot–a sandy bay with full ocean access. Grown in trays in off-bottom racks, very clean.

3 Ratings

  1. Rating 5

    I had some Katama Bay oysters yesterday on MV. Absolutely wonderful, tasty, and satisfying. These babies are best eaten without any additives,not even lemon. If you see these on the menu, don’t even think twice.

  2. Rating 3.5

    Big, really big and wonderfully briny, meaty and downright tasty! We had some last night at our Ithaca oyster bar & Cajon food place along with some less than wonderful, small, usually great Cape oysters.

  3. Rating 3.5

    Always profoundly, even alarmingly, salty. Big, too. These are all about cold, crisp beer.

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