Irish Point

Irish Point

Rustico Harbour, PEI   View on Ocean Map

Raised in floating trays near the prettiest town in PEI by the Raspberry Point Oyster Company. Irish Points tend to be shrimpy, with thin, enchantingly green shells.

Irish Point (7 Ratings)

  1. These little oysters had a ton of flavor. Wonderfully clean, more brine than I expected and very easy to eat.

  2. Rating 5

    Had these at the W Hotel (Halifax bar) in Hoboken NJ, this week. Fat, lovely texture, full flavor, delicious. Strangely, the shells were not green and I would have described them as large not small – but the hotel was adamant that they were Irish Point.

  3. Rating 4.5

    As a brine seeker, I didn’t expect to love these, but was intrigued by the reviews here. They are, indeed, delightful. Small, deep cups. White meat, a little creamy. Not enormous flavor, but lightly balanced ocean.

  4. Rating 5

    Had in Michigan Huron Room – small and not too bring. One of my favorites.

  5. Rating 4.5

    Small and buttery!

  6. Rating 4

    Petite and adorable. Found them a little trickier to shuck with my novice hands being I was used to big boys like winter points. Easy to slurp because of their little size, sweet, goes really good with hot sauce.

  7. Rating 3.5

    My second favorite of the small type oysters. Very salty,light sweet meat that is usually tinted black due to them being nearly translucent. very nice uniform green shell. these little guys are very easy to shuck.

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