Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast

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Any oyster fished from the Gulf waters of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida. Size, flavor, and consistency are all over the place, but generally this is going to be a wild, very cheap oyster with little brine.

Gulf Coast (5 Ratings)

  1. Rating 3.5

    Very low salinity with large, shallow, thick shells. I’m a big oyster fan so I enjoyed them but I’m not sure if I’d recommend them to someone looking for an amazing oyster. A little more salinity would be preferred but they do go well with hot sauce!

  2. Rating 2

    Can’t say I loved these or hated them. Just a very different oyster experience for me. Huge, meaty oyster, plenty of liquor but the liquor had no brine. It tasted like fresh water. Definitely different.

  3. Rating 1

    Nasty. Big, thick-shelled beasts with very little flavor. I opted to at least give them one star, due to some fond memories with these things on Bourbon Street.

  4. Rating 3

    consistantly good, but very average. A good oyster feed oyster where you intend to eat dozens. Low salinity but clean taste.

  5. Rating 3.5

    Gulf coasters can be amazing and also pretty boring…that’s the problem with the generic name. One of these days…

    A good clean “intro to oysters 101” variety if it’s not too too big and intimidating.

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