French Kiss

French Kiss

Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick   View on Ocean Map

A French Kiss is a Beausoleil allowed to grow for an additional year or two, until they’ve reached a more standard size. Same location (Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick), technique (floating trays), look, and flavor.

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  1. Rating 4

    Very good nice brine and finish

  2. Rating 5

    My favorite oyster to date!

  3. Rating 3.5

    Thought they had a bit of a sweet flavor, but I’m a fan of salt. That said, it was cold, clean, and decent.

  4. Rating 5

    Spectacular! Great flavor and oh so good. Nice size. Could be the best oyster I have ever eaten. Easy to shuck as well.

  5. Rating 4.5

    Loved the briny flavor of these guys.

  6. Rating 4.5

    An even better Beausoleil. We serve these to oyster lovers, knowing they will always be a hit.

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