Eel Lake

Eel Lake

Eel Lake, Nova Scotia   View on Ocean Map

Eel Lake is part of an extraordinary brackish lake complex in rural Nova Scotia. The lighter salinity allows for a very different expression of oyster flavor than you find in most Maritime oysters. Eel Lakes are grown in OysterGro cages.

Eel Lake (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    You ain’t had a oyster till you have had a eel lake oyster

  2. Rating 4

    We were just at the Halifax Oyster Festival in Nova Scotia. Got to try 16 varieties of PEI and N.S. oyster. Eel Lakes were one of the varieties. Great flavor over all. I didn’t get to open any since they were being opened by the growers.

  3. Rating 3

    Like Beausoleils, these are small and canoe-shaped, with very strong, easy-to-shuck shells. They are lighter in salinity, which allows a nice, earthy mushroominess to come through. Tasted at Oyster Bah in Chicago.

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