East Dennis

East Dennis

Quivet Neck, Cape Cod   View on Ocean Map

Raised by John Lowell in off-bottom trays on the intertidal flats off of Quivet Neck.

East Dennis (3 Ratings)

  1. Hi Northeaster,
    Check out their website: http://www.dennisoysters.com. It looks like you can order direct, although I have not done so. I know them through work where we seem to be one of a few restaurants they ship too (seems mostly local Cape and NYC as far as I know).

  2. belder, where can an out of stater buy this oyster?

  3. Rating 5

    This is hands-down my favorite Cape, and probably Eastern, oyster. Great balance of high brine and strong “umami” oyster flavor with very plump meats. The Lowell’s take great care in selecting oysters to ship so shells are very consistent in size and shape. They also shuck nice and clean since the shells are hard.

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