Divine Pine

Divine Pine

North Carolina   View on Ocean Map

Greengill oyster from Conor MacNair of N.Sea Oyster Co. Cultivated in baskets suspended on longlines in Topsail Sound, a skinny North Carolina estuary south of Wilmington that’s open at both ends. Strong tides sweep through the inlet twice a day and wash the oyster grounds. The greengill phenomenon happens during winter months only; the rest of the year, these are known as “Dukes of Topsail Sound.” (More on greengills here)

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    Rich, buttery, very briny oysters, with that intensely savory quality you always find in greengills, and yes, even a touch of phenols, perhaps from the pines of the nearby Holly Shelter Game Lands, but more likely from the Haslea phytoplankton that causes the greening. Superb oysters, discovered at Watchman’s Seafood in Atlanta.

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