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Unique oyster grown in hanging nets in the ultra-isolated and well-protected waters of West End Pond on Cuttyhunk Island, the farthest out of the Elizabeth Islands, the chain that curves southwest from the bottom of Cape Cod and forms one arm of Buzzards Bay. Surrounded by the Atlantic on all sides, Cuttyhunks tend to be extraordinarily salty, as well as thin-shelled from the soft life in hanging nets.

Cuttyhunk (6 Ratings)

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    Clean, crisp and exceptionally briney. A personal favorite. Worth noting: in my experience, flavor profile diminishes materially beginning in late spring- more so than with other varieties. These are best enjoyed in winter.

  2. Rating 5

    Salty! Delicious!! Can’t get enough of these!!!

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  4. Had at The Hourly Oyster House in Cambridge, MA on Oct. 6, 2017. A great example of a balanced oyster. Enough salt and brine to keep things interesting while remaining tender, light, and clean. An excellent Northeast oyster.

  5. Rating 5

    Love these oysters. Fresh and briny.

  6. Rating 4

    My bro lives near Seth and ships me these every year. Super briny!

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