Capers Blades

Capers Blades

Capers Island, South Carolina   View on Ocean Map

“Blades” is the traditional name for wild, knife-edged oysters harvested from saltmarshes in the South Carolina Lowcountry. They’re usually harvested in clusters, steamed at an oyster roast until they open, and then thrown on a table and everyone has at the cluster. Capers Blades are the same wild oysters, growing near Capers Island, off the coast of Charleston, where Dave Belanger, aka “Clammer Dave,” chisels them apart, purges them in racks, and sells them as singles.

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  1. Rating 4

    Had four of these beauties at Boca Bay in Wrightsville Beach, NC tonight. Excellent level of briny flavor, medium to small size with perfect shell shape for easy plating and consumption. Was told that they were very easy to shuck.

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