Aunt Dotty

Aunt Dotty

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The newest oyster in the Island Creek line, Aunt Dotties are grown a stone’s throw from Skip Bennett’s family cottage on Saquish, the barrier island that protects Duxbury Bay from the sea, where Skip’s legendary Great Aunt Dotty lived full-time with her lobster traps into her 70s. Aunt Dotties are tray-grown high in the intertidal zone; they tend to be a tad smaller than other Island Creeks, with uncommonly perfect cups and extra-strong muscles from all that time out of water. That also makes them extra sweet, a balance to that classic Duxbury brine.

Aunt Dotty (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    Solid oyster – great salt. Purchased at Island Creek Duxbury

  2. Rating 5

    We buy from ICO on a weekly basis right now and Aunt Dotty’s are my fave. They taste just like the descriptors, salinity then sweet. Very easy to love these oysters.

  3. Rating 5

    Boston Ryan is spot on with his rating. These are really lovely oysters from a top-notch producer. Wonderful brine and good meat for a smaller oyster. I have shucked a ton of these and, from that standpoint, love them as well (solid shell, easy open). Send a note to ICO to ask about the name. Cool story.

  4. Rating 5

    It’s about time these oysters have been added to the site, long overdue. These are my favorite oysters in the world. Have I had every oyster in the world? No. Does everyone including myself have a slightly different palate? Yes. That being said, I’ve had dozens of varietals from all over and a fantastic oyster is unmistakable regardless of your personal taste preferences.

    I think they’re the best oyster grown by Island Creek, a grower who offers nothing but solid product. They may be considered “newer” as they’ve become more readily available (recently added to the online store, etc.) But I remember having these at ICOB Boston before Row34 opened and before I had heard of the Row34 oyster and I was blown away. Then, sadly, I couldn’t find them for a while, but they are here now and are a must eat.

    A petit oyster and the smallest grown by Island Creek, they pack big flavor characterized by a strong yet balanced salt & brine up front and creamy sweetness at the end. The first thing I do when I order a dozen is remove all condiments from the tray and place them as far away as possible.

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