Island Creek Oyster Bar (Boston)

Island Creek Oyster Bar (Boston)

The oyster bar that raised the bar for everyone else. ICOB was the first oyster bar to name the growers on their menu, to make sure their servers knew the oyster like a somm knows Bordeaux, and to make sure every oyster was shucked properly. Superb selection.


Island Creek Oyster Bar (Boston) (1 Rating)

  1. Rating 5

    We have had a number of outstanding meals here, the fish dishes are perfect, the oysters, of course are incredible and the staff are among the best encountered. I hosted two dinners here with out of town friends and spent two+ hours without being pressured to finish. Reservations are pretty much a must although I am sure you can get to the bar if you either arrive early or are willing to wait. The place is loud, the wall of oyster shells is amazing and the food is excellent.

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