Select Oyster

Select Oyster

Michael Serpa’s instant classic featuring fruits de mer and intense seafood.


Select Oyster (2 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    I more or less agree with Boston Ryan–pricey menu, less selection than some other places–with one exception: I was there off-hours and had a fabulous time. The food menu is superb and the place is charming when you’ve got it all to yourself.

  2. Rating 3

    A nice, but very tight, almost claustrophobic space. The oysters here are priced as high as you can get away with, but they are shucked and served well. The selection could be better, however. Would not be my first choice for oysters in Boston, but if you are nearby and don’t wish to travel further, then you will be satisfied here provided you don’t mind spending a bit more than necessary in a cozy setting.

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