Les Sablons

Les Sablons

The latest from Skip Bennett, Jeremy Sewall, Garrett Harker, Shore Gregory, and Jackson Cannon, the dream team behind Island Creek Oyster Bar and Row 34 and other hits, Les Sablons (“the sand,” especially the wet sand; think From Here to Eternity) offers a top floor that is equal parts art gallery and top-tier restaurant, and a bottom floor that is loosened-tie oyster bar and cocktail lounge, all located in Harvard Square’s iconic Conductor’s Building, which dates to 1912 and used to host the dream team behind the Boston Elevated Railway. An elevated experience, all around.


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    Settle in, admire the light and the brick and the tiers of time, order a round of Aunt Dotties, and let Jackson Cannon concoct you a cocktail. Bliss.

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